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27 November 2012

New source of expertise on Smart Regulation: Latin-Reg

Central and South American experts, led by Mexico's chief smart regulator Alfonso Carballo, are uniting to share news and lessons learnt from current projects. Latin-Reg is a new site, still partly under development, offering a clearing house for regulatory reform expert contributions in English and in Spanish originating from the region. Authors include Gustavo Mendoza, Margherita Corina, Rafael Hernandez and others.
Among the first papers in English:
- the (Mexico) System for Rapid Business Start-up (SARE) to promote regulatory simplification at the municipal level;
- the subnational regulatory managemetn systems, an adaptation of the OECD "Indicators of Regulatory Management Systems", to the federal structure of Mexico;
- benefits derived from the regulatory burden reduction program.
A site well worth visiting regularly. Spanish speaking experts will also be interested in the blog "Smart Regulation in Spanish."

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