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04 September 2014

Smart regulation for smart cities (India)

For many, the Indian administration gives the image of a bureaucratic fortress very unwillingly to reform and embrace smart regulation. In that context, it may be interesting to monitor the Government's new plan to develop 100 smart cities across the country. Though a definition of a smart city is yet to be formulated by the government, the Urban Development Secretary, speaking at a real estate conference in Dehli, said private investment would be facilitated, better use would be made of land, and consequently these cities would create more jobs and "ensure better quality of life comparable with any European or American city."
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01 September 2014

New French govt befriends business

A severe political crisis rocked the French state last week, from which emerged a new government, still under the leadership of Mr Manuel Valls, who had resigned as Prime Minister a few days earlier following left wing opposition within governement to his economic policy. The new agenda, much closer to what is termed "liberal" views in France (pro-business), also labelled "social democrat" policy, was illustrated by a visit on 27 August to the summer meeting of the Employers' federation during which the Prime Minister , during which Mr Valls promised to accelerate administrative simplification to bring about a new "era of trust".
A new omnibus law will enact a batch of simplifications, starting with a charter of tax controls and the appointment of a mediator for business. A set of some 50 urgent measures to streamline red tape on construction is already being implemented.
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