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01 November 2016

Update on simplification in France

The French government presented on 26 October a new batch of simplification measures, bringing the total over three years to 650, most of which are claimed to be already operational.
Three measures are highlighted as particularly helpful and burden-reducing for the three target populations of the policy: businesses, citizens, local authorities:

1/ Simplified procurement: Businesses can now bid for public contracts using only their number Siret for identification. This should save two hours on each application, with annual savings amounting to tens of millions of euros for businesses and the public service. This simplification implements the "Tell Us Once"  principle, which rules the exchange of data, documents and certificates between administrations, sparing companies the hassle of producing several times the same information.

2/ Citizens: The "mes-aides.gouv.fr" simulator :The online simulator helps would-be beneficiaries to identify social benefits which they are entitled and to calculate the amounts after filling out a form on family status, level of resources, housing conditions.. Following the personalised estimation, the user may apply to the right government agency. This service aims to fight against the non-use of social assistance by more vulnerable members of the public.

3/ Saving for local sports' facilities: reducing the requirements for draining public swimming pools from twice to once a year. The expected savings are estimated between 6 and 9 million per year.