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28 October 2014

How to design market-friendly regulation (Nobel)

It's good news for all smart regulators when the Nobel prize for economy is given to an expert who has devoted part of his research to the negative impact of regulation on economic activity, chiefly by regulatory interference with markets, and offering solutions.
An article in last week's Economist (18 October) examines Mr Tirole's contribution under the title "It's complicated" (one of the laureate's favorite phrases). "Making sure companies compete fairly is a tricky business. The firms being regulated know far more about their business than those doing the regulating; bureaucrats can easily end up being too heavy-handed or too lax. On October 13th Jean Tirole, a French economist at the Toulouse School of Economics, was awarded the Nobel prize in economics for his work on this conundrum—"industrial organisation", in the jargon."

Stoiber Group: final report

On 14 October, the Commission published an update on outgoing President's action for EU law: 
"Under the title "Smart Regulation in the EU РBuilding on a Strong Foundation" politicians, stakeholders and experts have been examining the achievements and persisting challenges in the field of smart regulation, administrative burden reduction and better implementation of EU legislation. On this occasion, Dr Edmund Stoiber, the Chairman of the independent High Level Group on Administrative Burdens advising the Commission since 2007, will hand over the group's final report to President Jos̩ Manuel Barroso.

14 October 2014

SCM/Simplification Job opportunity in Beirut

Description of position
Title: Project assistant
Based in Beirut, Lebanon
Assisting the international Technical Assistance Team (TAT) to deliver a project on simplification of administrative procedures and rules in 4 Lebanese ministries.
Starting soon after 15 November
Two-year contract for full time work.Answer via LinkedIn.

Main skills required
Assisting the international Technical Assistance Team in delivering a project on simplification of administrative procedures and rules in 4 Lebanese ministries.
Knowledge of the Lebanese administrative context
Previous experience of decentralised projects funded by the EU (desirable)
Languages: Arabic, English, French, written and spoken.
Starting soon after 15 November
Two-year contract for full time work.

Terms of employment to be settled with the consortium in charge of the project.
Applications via CH MONTIN, chmontin@numericable.fr (head TAT)

13 October 2014

New VP for Better Regulation (EC)

It seems that the new Commission will follow the lead of its predecessor at least for Better Regulation. As was the case for the 1st Barroso Commission, the first VP will again be in charge of our dossier, which may have dropped the "Smart" and returned to the old days of "Better" Regulation. The Commission presided by Mr Jean-Claude Junker has just published the allocation of portolios:
"As first Vice-President, in charge of Better Regulation, Inter-Institutional relations, the Rule of Law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, Mr Timmermans will work closely with the other Vice-Presidents, and all Commissioners will liaise closely with him when it concerns the implementation of the better regulation agenda. In addition, for initiatives requiring a decision by the Commission in their area of responsibility, he will guide the work of the Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality and the Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs."
A Commission press release present among the "important novelties" the fact that "for the first time there is a Commissisioner dedicated to a Better Regulation agenda, and that Mr Timmermans "will notably ensure that every Commission proposal respects the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality, which are at the heart of the work of the Commission. The first Vice-President will also act as a watchdog, upholding the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the rule of law in all of the Commission's activities."
For a professional analysis, see CEPS Commentary by our friends L. Schrefler, A. Renda and J. Pelkmans.