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Here are some of C.H. Montin's recent contributions on RR related topics. Please note that unless indicated otherwise, Powerpoint presentations cannot validly be quoted without the comment given during delivery:

NEW (2014):

"Economic cooperation for building economic institutions in the MENA region", U. of Granada, 20 May 2014
"Selected techniques to reduce legislation and deregulate", Ankara, 12 May 2014

“Regulatory Policy: the potential of best practices from OECD countries and around the world” Moscow HSE 14 March 2014

"La politique de simplification à l'OCDE" décrit l'approche et les préconisations de l'OCDE relatives à cet instrument fondamental de la politique réglementaire, à l'intention d'une publication universitaire à paraître (26 novembre 2013)

"RIA for Better Standards: international best practices from OECD", Manama, 20 January 2014


*** "Smart Regulation: a global challenge for policy-makers" (also called "SR for Dummies")
"Regulacion inteligente: Un desafío global para los formuladores de política pública" (October 2012) traduccion en espanol de Smart Regulation in 1200 words.
УМНОЕ РЕГУЛИРОВАНИЕ Russian translation

"Legistics and quality of legislation in France" summary of article in International Journal of Legislative Quality and Legal Reform (June 2012)
***"Smart Regulation in Europe" (updated, June 2012)
"Smart Regulation: a global challenge for policy makers " May 2012 (on ERRADA site.) Version française.
"Legifrance, the French legal portal" (for SIGMA, June 2011)
**"Better Regulation in France" (for Italian university publication, June 2011)
"Smart Regulation in Europe" (for Italian University publication, October 2010)
"Administrative simplification in Vietnam" (as main drafter), OECD publication (October 2010)
"Current trends in regulatory quality" (Madrid, 24-24 June 2010)
"Multi-level regulatory governance in France" (Madrid, 24-25 June 2010)
"Policy coordination and legislative drafting in France," (for SIGMA, Amman, January 2010)
"Regulatory reform in France" (on EIPA site, 2008)
"Process Re-engineering for administrative burden reduction" explains the French methodology to simplify legislation on the basis of SCM (2007)
"Réduction de la charge administrative, comparaison internationale des méthodologies" Paris 2006, site du ministère des finances


"Simplification in France: a long term effort" Madrid, 15 July 2013: a summary of the simplification policy, its objectives, actors and tools since 2003, with special attention to a number of good practices introduced in 2013. For delivery at the launch of the Spanish Administrative Reform Policy.
"New RIA in France: impacting policy making?" for   "Theory and practive of RIA in Europe
for UCL/ENA conference, Paris, 10 June : studies practice of RIA in France, including quality control, as upgraded by the 2008 constitutional reform, to ascertain to what extent they would illustrate a new concept of "good" public policy.
"Diseño institucional para la mejora regulatoria: el ejemplo francés", Bogotá, 4 February 2013
"Medición del impacto de las revisiones regulatorias: la experiencia international del Modelo de Costeo Estandar," Bogotá, 4 February 2013
"Strategies for simplifying administative procedures: lessons from OECD" Sciences-Po Paris conference on "the future of the French model of public law in Europe (16 January 2013).
 "Droit et budget dans la poursuite des politiques publiques: un regard neuf sur des techniques classiques," Rabat, 30 octobre 2012 explores the differences between regulatory and budget policies in implementing public policies in the recent French context
"Enjeux et difficultés de la rédaction de normes en France: appliquer les principes de la Better Regulation," Rabat, 31 octobre 2012, examines how the better regulation principles are currently applied in legislative drafting in France, and what improvements are still necessary;
"Managing the stock of legislation: illustrated legal techniques," Erbil (Irak-Kurdish Region, 6 December 2012) describes, with examples, codification and recast as practised at EU level.
"Better Regulation in support of national competitiveness", Pachuca, State of Hidalgo, Mexico, 20 October 2012 gives a broad presentation of regulatory policy in its different national and international versions and designations.
"From sound policy-making to clear legislative drafting", Erbil (Irak-Kurdish Region, 14 July 2012) explores the relation between policy and law
 "Controlling regulatory costs: an over-arching concern for French policy-makers" Berlin, 12 June 2012 OECD workshop.
 "Administrative simplification in France" (in French, April 2012)
 "How to build a national administrative burden reduction programme," a check-list of issues for policy-makers, in a presentation given at an OECD-MENA seminar in Budapest, 14 February 2012.
"The Doing Business report and its contribution to Regulatory Reform worldwide": a presentation given to officials of the ministry of economy, finance and industry of France on 12 January 2012.

"Regulatory reform in support of competitiveness: lessons from around the world" (Taipei, Oct. 2011)
"Regulation in advanced economies" (Brussels, July 2011)
"Planning for policy" (Belgrade, May 2011)
"Public Policy making in France" (case study) (Belgrade, May 2011)
" Consultation for better policy-making" (Belgrade, May 2011)
"Quality of public services" (Beirut, April 2011)
"Change management in public organisations" (Beirut, April 2011)
"Citizens as partners: current issues and challenges" (Beirut, April 2011
"The contribution of Better Regulation to Regional Economic Integration in the European Union" (Mombasa, 2 - 4 February 2011)
"How Evaluation and Reporting have supported the EU Internal Market: the IM scoreboard"
(Mombasa, 2 - 4 February 2011)
"La simplification, pilier d'une bonne gestion de la réglementation" (Rabat, 18 janvier 2011)
"La production et la diffusion des formulaires administratifs en France" (Rabat, 18 janvier 2011)

"Strategic Regulatory Planning: Delivering Quality Regulation" (OECD- MENA, Paris 27 October 2010)
"Regulatory Policy in France" (OECD - MENA, Paris 26 October 2010)
"Multi-level regulatory governance in France" (Madrid, 24-25 June 2010)

"El programa europeo de reduccion de cargas administrativas," Bruselas, 9 de diciembre 2009 (Slideshare)
"Practical steps to introduce Better Regulation in Moldova", for Taiex, Chisinau, 2008, (Slideshare)
"Le programme européen de mesure des charges administratives", Paris, 2008 (site min des finances)
"Measuring administrative burdens within the public sector," 10 December, Berlin, 2007 (Bertelsmann site)
"The introduction of Better Regulation in France", Lisbon, 2006 (Slidefinder).