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13 June 2013

Good practice: explaining the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act

The UK government has published a set of documents on the newly adopted Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 (see previous post for its content). They supplement, for a wider public, the "official" dossier made available by the National Achives on legislation.gov.uk which contains the text of the Act, the "explanatory notes" and the RIA. This public information pack contains a 9-page "guide" with an overview of the content of the reform and a "policy paper" giving the rationale of the reform and what each measure aims to achieve. The objectives of the reform are defined as"cut(ting) the costs of doing business in Britain, boosting consumer and business confidence and helping the private sector to create jobs." The dossier also contains four "indicative timetables" of implementation.
This is a good example of how to communicate on legislation using the right tools and formats for each phase of the process and each type of public, for hopefully smarter regulation. A similar approach is provided by the EU "summaries of legislation".

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