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13 May 2013

France: official report on normative inflation (must-read)

Just released: a new take on an old subject, well served by an innovative and attractive format, very exceptional for an official report in France. Commissioned by the Government, two MPs who happen to belong to two of the highest administrative courts, have produced a comprehensive document full of funny anecdotes and sound proposals to usher in a "legal competiviness shock" (adding to the "simplification shock" and "competitiveness shock" already reported here.) Illustrated by famous French caricaturist Plantu (known for his daily drawings in "Le Monde") the Lambert/Boulard report on normative inflation manages to stay entertaining (in French only) on a notoriously boring topic, for instance by granting "prizes" for the most absurd regulations. But its import goes well beyond France, as many of the complexity sources can be found in most foreign countries. It classicly addresses both stock and flow, and contributes both on doctrine (a new definition of smart law, droit intelligent) and 44 practical measures, see pages 51 and 98 for summary respectively for stock and flow. For background on the parliamentary mission, see previous post of 26 March.
On the same topic, the ministry of interior has calculated that in spite of the moratorium on such new legislation, regulatory burdens on local authorities will be increased by €1 bn on average in 2013 and 2014. The bulk of the expenditure however comes from wage and pension rises, rather than new regulation.

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