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26 February 2013

North Carolina to review 22,500 regulations every 10 years

This blog cannot possibly keep track of all the regulatory reform initiatives taken by each of the states composing the USA, but the recent move by the North Carolina (NC) House of Representatives is worth mentioning for its ambitious technical content, bearing in mind the political balance in this state (see Economist, 15 Feb. 2013 "a state turns solidly Republican"). The new Regulatory Reform Committee discussed "a bill that would mandate an official review of every state rule with an eye toward eliminating redundant or burdensome regulations.The bill would require a review of the state's more than 22,500 administrative rules over the next four years with a periodic review every 10 years. The Department of Health and Human Services review, if the bill is passed, would be finished by 2016, followed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in 2017. All of the rules would be reviewed by 2019."

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