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19 December 2012

UK Gov claims success of deregulation

According to a press release from BIS on 17 Dec.," the UK government is winning the war against red tape." The Fifth Statement of New Regulation reports that the overall closing balance for 'One-in, One-out', the Government rule that dictates that every new cost on business must be balanced by an equivalent saving, is predicted to be around £836 million since January 2011. These figures are independently verified.
Additionally, the statement shows that the Government expects to reduce the regulatory burden by around a further £83 million between January 2013 - when 'One-in, One-Out' is replaced by 'One-in, Two-out' - and June 2013. Expected measures include reforms to environmental regulation, employment law and consumer law.

Recent deregulatory measures include:
  • Changes to modernise and simplify the registration of company charges, saving £21.9 million.
  • A series of changes to building regulations to reduce cost and complexity for industry.
  • Less heavy-handed Health and Safety regulations for low-risk businesses including shop and offices.
  • Improvements to speed up processes covering adoption and foster-carer eligibility.

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  1. Beyond the claimed savings, what is the impact on business?