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01 October 2012

New directions for Smart Regulation (EU)

Experts on SR will be interested in a joint position paper published last Friday by the 5 European independent advisory boards (CZ, DK, NL, SI and UK) for cutting red tape and better regulation, in response to the Commission's consultation document on Smart Regulation. 
According to their press release, the boards "believe that the EU should continue to reinforce its programmes on smart regulation. As the Action Programme for reducing administrative burdens will end in 2012 a new programme needs to be developed in order to keep the achievements already made as well as to strive for further improvements. A new programme on smart regulation which includes an ambitious aim to reduce the overall regulatory burden should be launched in 2013. In our common position paper we highlight the following priorities:
  • Carrying out impact assessments for every new regulatory proposal
  • Improving the informative value of roadmaps
  • Making the Commission´s Impact Assessment Board more independent
  • Systematic ex post-evaluations from the end users perspective
  • Strengthening the role of the High Level Group
  • Consulting the public. (end of quote)."
Under these headings, the report makes some interesting practical proposals.

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