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23 August 2012

Chinese Taipei puts smart regulation on the curriculum

For the second year running, Chinese Taipei (known more commonly as Taiwan) has organised a 5 day course on regulatory reform, as part of the 27th Academy of International Economic Affairs, a training programme offered to some 30 younger government officials, including 8 from friendly countries in Eastern Europe and Latin America.
Organised as a series of sessions equally distributed between presentations, structured discussions/brainstormings and group breakouts, the 30 hours gave enough time to cover the whole spectrum of skills necessary for government officials to produce clear and relevant policy and regulation, geared to sustaining and boosting the quality of the business regulatory environment and hence the competitiveness of their country: policy making, including quantitative techniques such as RIA, and legislative drafting. Best practices from around the world were called to illustrate the most relevant, up-to-date and effective skills that need to be mastered by officials.
This morning, the course members were smiling: the looming typhoon had decided to go South, leaving them the prospect of a restful and well deserved weekend before they tackle the next subject on the heavy Academy curriculum.

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