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13 April 2012

Growth potential of better delivery of regulation

Last week the British BRDO (Better Regulation Delivery Office) published a discussion paper, Regulation and Growth, which according to the press release considers whether effective regulatory delivery can benefit businesses and contribute towards UK economic growth. “The paper aims to clarify and inform policy by highlighting three interlinked ways that regulatory delivery can impact on growth: by reducing costs, improving confidence and control and realising wider economic benefits. It focuses on the delivery of regulation that impacts directly on business and is targeted at those involved in regulatory policy and front line practitioners.”
The publication of this paper is very timely, as the topic of implementation (or delivery) is now considered to be a possible weak link in the regulatory cycle. For more references, see the “enforcement” category of this blog, or more specially the post entitled “delivery: the next challenge for better regulators?” The connection between economic growth and regulatory policy in general (beyond the delivery dimension) is the subject of a seminal official publication “Regulatory Policy and the road to sustainable growth” which opens avenues for research which were recently confirmed as one of the priorities of the next work programme of the OECD.

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