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17 February 2012

BR in Ireland: wrong track?

Interesting discussion on the Smart Regulation LinkedIn group: Colin Scottt read the report "Action Plan for Jobs" for us and posted two excepts under the title: "Good News/Bad News on Better Regulation in Ireland"
  • "There is recognition of the importance of driving the regulatory reform agenda in the Programme for Government." (p36).
  • "This responsibility was formerly within the Department of Taoiseach and there is now a lacuna at the centre of Government as this responsibility has yet to be reassigned" (p37).
Scott Jacobs comments that "That is the same approach the US government has taken at least 10 times, each time huge results are self-reported by each regulator, and yet only trivial changes are actually made. For regulatory review to work, we must recognise that self-review has never worked in any country, and move on to more serious and workable reform designs."
I agree with both Scotts, we need a dedicated and objective unit to impulse reform, and monitor results.

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