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15 September 2011

Spain continues battle against admin burden

Spanish cabinet set the reduction target at 30% in May 2007, the most ambitious figure in the EU, and published a Plan of Action in June 2008. According to various studies mentioned online, the total administrative costs amounted to 4.6% of GDP (some 43 billion euros) 30% of which would correspond to local legislation. The Spanish approach to administrative burdens is managed by the Ministry of Public Administrations but is supervised by a deputy PM.
There may be doubts elsewhere, but work in on-going in Spain, as reported at a conference held in June in the Baleares.
The fourth batch of burden reduction measures, totalling a 2 billion euros savings directed principally at business, was approved by the Government in December 2010.
A fifth package of reduction measures, directed at citizens, was approved by the Cabinet in May 2011, for a total reduction of 500 million euros.
The Confederation of employers has published the results of measurement and reduction work conducted in 2010, along with 2011 perspectives. The CEOE is under contract with the Government to conduct the SCM operations.
Following the national target decision, the government signed an agreement with the federation of local authorities to enlist their cooperation in achieving the 30% reduction, which applies also to local burdens.
The federation has published a simplified methodology for administrative burdens created by municipalities and provinces, along with other technical documents (such as RIA). The approach is based on the search for quality and evaluation techniques. The information also mentions 10 pilot projects managed in 10 different local entities.
Several Autonomous Communities (regions) have conducted administrative burden reduction programmes of their own, or in connection with the national initiative, and have published results, including simplification plans (such as Castilla Leon, including its own SCM guide, Cantabria where the plan is directed as casinos, or Andalucia, Asturias and Aragon.)
The city of Gijon reports the existence of a working group comprising representatives of the 10 major Spanish cities.

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