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10 March 2011

New BR textbook: OECD brochure

Yesterday I visited OECD and was given a copy of the new brochure on "Regulatory Policy: Towards a New Agenda" which was just being uploaded on the OECD website. It contains the key messages from the 28-29 October 2010 conference, a major event already reported here, which we remember the as a high moment in the 2010 BR calendar, for the updating of fundamental working principles and concepts that it brought about.
In an attractive format (congratulations Jennifer Stein), the brochure leads us step by step from the basics (why BR?, questions facing policy makers, what do citizens want?, what do businesses want?..) to the most current trends: what must we do to move to Smart Regulation? what does this new concept mean?, how do we encompass the life-cycle of the regulation? what is the new rĂ´le of evaluation? how can the new concerns for greener regulation be taken on board?
Illustrated with many quotes from the speakers, with elegant pictures and layout, this is a document that will stand apart in our profesional documentation and deserve pointed srutiny and reflection. Perhaps its main merit will have been to successfully answer the challenge (see page 31) of "building a common languague to obtain society's engagement in regulation internationally."

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