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08 October 2010

Administrative simplification in Viet Nam: impressive results

This blog naturally concentrates on regulatory quality issues in Europe. But now and again, it is good to take a look at what is happening elsewhere, to examine whether RQ can help developing/ transition countries to improve governance and support economic growth. The case of Viet Nam is particularly interesting as it is an example of an ambitious administrative simplification program launched as one of the main components of public administration reform, with the assistance of several international donors (USAID, Japan, Australia, Denmark and others) . The approach has been, under “Project 30” to inventory, make known to interested parties via an online database and streamline all the “administrative procedures (APs)” in application (a reduction of 30% in number): see the ministry’s simplification website in English for the official objectives and methods.  This entailed defining a specific national method for inventorying APs, and for assessing them against the three criteria of legality, necessity and user-friendliness. Infra-national levels of government (provinces, districts and communes) were mobilized in the effort, and sometimes go beyond national policies. Several cities have set up their own programs, for instance Ha Noi’s electronic portal, d. Other programmes concerning the legal system, under the aegis of the ministry of justice, are also underway, with positive RQ impacts. There is a wealth of documentation on the internet concerning these projects, the best recent summary being published by the Brookings Institute.

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