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06 July 2010

French industry gets red tape overhaul

A member of the network, Laure Baillargeon, has pointed out for us an interesting development in France.
Following the major consultation exercise called "Etats généraux de l'industrie", which aimed to collect as many as possible stakeholder views on the future industrial policy and closed at the end of February, the minister in charge Christian Estrosi announced a series of measures to support private companies in the industrial sector. An overview of the new policy is provided on the ministry's dedicated website.
Most interestingly for regulatory quality, the minister has entrusted a Member of Parliament (Laure de la Raudière) with a mission to conduct a comprehensive review of all regulation and procedure bearing on industrial companies, to seek ways to lighten burdens and increase competitiveness. This is explained in a "letter of mission" to Mme de la Raudière who will have the full support of all the ministry services in her investigations, and be seconded by a delegate from the ministry of economy.

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